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Let the People Decide

Enclosed in this newsletter is an initiative petition about the Honolulu rail transit. This petition will put the rail transit issue on the election ballot this November so you, your family and friends can make a decision on the transit mode that the City Council couldn't make. The Council was tied 44, while the ninth member was absent for two sessions so the Mayor decided.

If this question goes on the ballot, you will have plenty of time to decide on the question. The City Administration will spend millions of your tax dollars explaining their side of the issue. In fact, they're spending your tax money now on radio shows and ads. Also, the unions will be "informing" you about this project.

If you have signed this petition before, please don't sign it again.

Get your family members and friends to sign it if they are registered voters in the City and County of Honolulu. It is not necessary to fill in every line of this form before returning it.

The signature collector is required to fill out the bottom line of the petition and send in the petition.

Because of postal regulations, we most send petitions to all members, including those outside of Oahu. Those members can place the petition into an envelope and mail it to friend on Oahu.

If additional petitions are needed, please call the League office (5317448) and leave your name, address and telephone number so we can send them to you.

Thank you for doing your civil duty.

Charles Carole

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