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Rail's Misleading Ad

You might have heard the radio ad claiming that Honolulu needs rail because it has the fourth highest density in the country. The source of this density claim is a mystery.

The Trust for Public Land places Honolulu among cities with a low population density with 2.4 people per acre. The Trust's figures are for 2006 and put the average density for all cities at 8 people per acre.

Another source,, places Honolulu 67th in density in 1990. Could we have jumped to number 4 in 18 years?

Oahu population growth is slowing like our economy. The population estimates of the U.S. Bureau of the Census for Honolulu County were in 2006 (906,715) and 2007 (905,601). This was a decrease of 1,114 residents.

The old population projection of the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism for Honolulu in 2010 was 952,640. The newer Honolulu population projection for 2010 is 932,1.00, a decrease of 20,540 residents. Actually, we may not reach 912,000 residents in 2010. This means higher tax burdens carried by fewer tax payers.

Charles Carole

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