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New Managed Care Medicaid Program

QUEST Expanded Access (QEXA) is a brand new managed care Medicaid program developed by the Dept. of Human Services. This program is for Aged, Blind and Disabled Hawaii residents who are Medicaid eligible and currently using the Fee for Service System.

Participants will have a choice of two health plans and can make the choice starting Oct. 1. The two health plans providing services are Evercare and Ohana Health Plan, both of which are established here on the islands.

Open Enrollment is from Oct 1-Dec 1 and in these two months, 37,000 eligible clients are being sought to enroll in a health plan. On Sept. 25 the state Department of Human Services will send a new enrollment packet in a bright yellow envelope to QEXA clients. If no choice is made by Dec. 1, DHS will assign a plan.

On Feb. 1, 2009, QEXA goes "live" and clients will begin receiving their new and expanded services, in addition to every service they are currently receiving.

For more information, please contact Ariel Ricker at (808) 489-1785, or the QEXA helpline at (866)9281958.

Ariel Ricker

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