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When Will We See Rail Transite Draft EIS?
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When Will We See Rail Transite Draft EIS?

The City officials still keeps stating that the rail proposal is a $3.7 billion project in 2006 dollars. (8/31/08 Advertiser) These officials are telling the public that there was no inflation in oil, steel, concrete and other materials, plus labor between 2006 and 2008. The Federal government requires that the project cost be stated in 2008 dollars.

The article further states that expected federal funding will be $700 million. Not too long ago, the city claimed the federal government would pay $1.2 billion. Later, the figure was $900 million. Now it's $700 million?

The transit timeline in the Advertiser article stated that the release of the draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) will be in October. Honolulu League will request in a letter that the Mayor reveal to the public the true project cost in 2008 dollars and the project financial plan, before the primary election on September 20.

League does not agree with Council member Todd Apo when he says that residents won't need to know the details in the DEIS to make a vote on rail as stated in the Advertiser article. We believe that revealing parts or the full DEIS would be important to the mayoral candidates in their debates before the primary election on September 20, as well as those before the November general election.

The voters also have the right to know these details before they vote in the primary as well as the general elections. The City can put the DEIS on the internet as a report before they submit it to State Office- of Environmental Quality Control. It is important that the City not be accused of withholding important facts from the candidate and the public before both elections.

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