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Board of Education Election

In the election for the Board of Education, all Oahu residents can vote for all Oahu seats. That is, all Oahu residents can vote for the candidate wishing to represent Honolulu as well as for the at-large candidates. In other words, Oahu voters vote for four Board members in November: one for Honolulu and three at-large Board members.

Running for the Honolulu seat are Carol Mon Lee and Denise L. Matsumoto. The candidates for the three at-large seats are Lei Ahu Isa, Garrett Toguchi, Terrance Tom, Randall Yee, Kanakanui Darrow Aiona and Janis Akuna.

Four of the 10 Oahu seats and all of the Neighbor Island seats have residency requirements. (That is, the candidates must reside in the district that they will represent.). The required Oahu residency districts are Honolulu, Leeward, Central and Windward. This requirement insures that at least one member of the Board comes from each of the four districts. The remaining six seats on Oahu are at-large.

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