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Go Rail, Go Broke

In November 2006, the City released the rail project cost ($3.7 billons) and its financial plan based on tax revenue forecasts, generated when more robust economic growth was anticipated. They have not published a new updated rail project cost and financial plan. The Director of the City's Department of Transportation Services has stated that any shortfall in the surcharge of the excise tax will be made up with increased real estate taxes.

In a September 2nd Letter to the Mayor, the League requested the publication of the updated rail cost and financial plan before the primary election. We followed up with a September 22nd letter requesting the same information to be made public by October 21st, the first day of walk-in voting for the general election.

As long as the City keeps withholding this information, they can be accused of not giving the voting public the current rail facts. The League feels that this is wrong since this will affect the mayoral race and the rail question on the ballot.

Charles Carole

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