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How Many Votes to Elect a Mayor?

Some of us are really puzzled at the reaction of the press to Mufi's not winning the election outright in the Primary. They seem to think he should have. We think otherwise.

NOBODY should be elected outright in the primary, especially the mayor. Primaries almost always have a low turnout. Regardless of who is running or whom we support, we want the maximum number of voters possible to vote on such an important matter.

So we need to change this. All the other counties and most of the country have a runoff between the two highest vote getters, regardless of how many votes they get. How come only Honolulu has this ridiculous 50% plus one rule?

I think getting it repealed before the next mayoral election should be a high priority project for the Honolulu League. If you feel the same way, join me in getting it on next year's program at the annual planning meeting in December.

Jackie Parnell

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