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Why this Rail Project is Bad

A major reason some of us oppose this rail project is the cost and the source of funding. It is already projected to be the biggest public works project ever; and none of the official figures include maintenance, never our strong suit. And I think the City's estimate of federal funding is much too high. That would be bad enough but our share is going to be paid for by the excise tax, as regressive a tax as you can find. Truly, our poorest citizens will bear the heaviest burden.

Meanwhile, the City will be offering bonuses to landowners near stations to encourage denser development. The landowners who will gain the largest benefits will be subsidized, while the minimum-wage workers will bear the brunt. That is not fair.

I think the Mayor and city planners intend to use the rail system to force the development densities necessary to support it. That seems to me to be going about it the wrong way. And if it doesn't work, we will all be left with this huge expensive white elephant blighting the landscape.

I am not anti-transit. I am anti THIS TRANSIT. I had issues with former mayor Jeremy Harris, but his bus rapid transit was the way to go. Much more flexible, much less expensive. THIS TRANSIT is just a big public works project to keep the construction trades happy for years to come. I won't be able to ride it, but I would love to see it successful. I just can't believe it will be.

For rail to work, we will need densities like Chicago. I don't think the residents of Oahu want their city to be like Chicago.

Jackie Parnell

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