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Implications of Legalizing Gambling in Hawaii (Jean Aoki)
December Planning Meeting
Pieces to the Puzzle: The Ka Iwi Coast (Elizabeth Reilly)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade (Betty Goodwin)
Waimanalo Landfill
Universal Health Care (Joy Marshall)
Welcome New Members
Bed and Breakfast Bill Deferred (Elizabeth Reilly & Ursula Rutherford)
Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Save this Date - Our Annual meeting will be on Saturday, April 4 at the Maple Garden restaurant.

Thurs, Feb 5, 11 am – Honolulu Board meets at League office

Thurs, Feb. 12, 9:30 a.m.- Women's Health & Safety Committee meets at League office
Thurs, Feb. 12, 1:30 p.m. - State Legislative Committee meets at League office

Tu, Feb 24, 11 am – Planning & Transportation Committee meets at League office

Sat, Feb 28, 9 am – State Board meets at League office
Sat, Feb 28, 10 am - Memorial Service for Ah Quon McElrath at ILWU Building. 451 Atkinson Dr. Parking will be available at the Hawaii Convention Center

Mon, Mar 2, 11 am – Affordable Housing Committee meets at League office

Thurs, Mar 4 – Honolulu Board meets at League office

Sat, Apr 4, 9am – Honolulu annual meeting at Maple Garden

June 13 to 15 - LWVUS Council 2009, Washington, D.C.

President Piilani Kaopuiki

Vice President Susan Miller

Secretary Robin Loomis

Treasurer Randy Ching

Editor Pearl Johnson


YES, I want to add my voice to yours by joining the League of Women Voters as part of your voice for citizens and force for change. I enclose:

____$40 ONE YEAR individual membership

____$60 1-year HOUSEHOLD membership (for two people who share an address.)





State_____________ ZIP__________________

Phone #: day___________________


Please make your checks payable to

LWV – Honolulu

and return with your application form to:

League of Women Voters

49 S. Hotel St.,#314

Honolulu, HI 96813

"Each little step you take and each little thing you do to increase your activity improves your health in many ways." 

Joy Marshall

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