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Implications of Legalizing Gambling in Hawaii (Jean Aoki)
December Planning Meeting
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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade (Betty Goodwin)
Waimanalo Landfill
Universal Health Care (Joy Marshall)
Welcome New Members
Bed and Breakfast Bill Deferred (Elizabeth Reilly & Ursula Rutherford)
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December Planning Meeting

Honolulu League adopted 4 programs at its December planning meeting:

  1. Work for a City charter amendment which will abolish outright election in City primaries. Kauai county adopted this amendment last year: “Should the K C Charter be amended to require that the 2 candidates who receive the highest number of votes in the primary election for mayor and prosecuting attorney, regardless of whether a candidate receives a majority of the votes in the primary election, run in the general election?”
  2. Conduct a survey of the use of the time of police and fire personnel at Neighborhood Board meetings. Roxie Berlin observed that they spend hours attending the meeting to deliver reports which could possibly be submitted in writing, and they must be paid for this time.
  3. Request the State League Board to support a workable single-payer universal health care bill. Joy Marshall will work on this.
  4. Study the concept of establishing municipalities on Oahu by looking at Mainland experience. Issues such as Bed and Breakfast could possibly be resolved more easily by smaller governmental entities.

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