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Good Government Won!

A huge victory for good government occurred on February 25 in the state House. Bill HB 539 was sent back to committee and effectively killed.

HB 539, which started out in January raising the $1000 limit to $25,000, had been amended to take all caps off. Corporations and companies would be able to give unlimited amounts to their PACs from the corporate treasuries if this bill had passed. Not only that, they would be able to give the maximum amounts allowed by law directly to all candidates or candidates' campaign committees. 

It also allowed companies to give money to PACs formed by others so they could be giving to many PACs.  This would have given corporations and companies more power than they've had in a long, long time in influencing the adoption of state and county policies which would benefit them. The $1,000 cap by anyone to non-candidate committees was removed and anyone could give any amount to these groups.

House Bill 539 House would have made Hawaii the first state in U.S. history to move backward, not forward, on the issue of corporate money flowing into candidates' coffers.

While corporations can fund campaigns in many different ways, already 21 states and the federal government have placed a ban on corporate money flowing out of their treasuries and into candidates' campaigns.

Jean Aoki

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