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Annual Meeting
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Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting was held on April 4th at the Maple Garden Restaurant. Thirty-one members enjoyed a wonderful seven course Chinese meal.

The 2009-2010 budget was passed. League must look for ways to increase funding and improve financial management. A very productive discussion was held to search for fundraising strategies as the League, along with most organizations, is affected by the current economic situation.

Claire Shimabukuro contributed $100 in honor of five friends and family. She is sending each of them a personal note telling them about League along with a current newsletter in hopes that League might appeal to them. She issued a challenge to members to match her donation in support of League.

Elizabeth Reilly volunteered to match Claire’s contribution in a similar manner. Betty Dower offered her house or a classroom for a lunch meeting, a potluck where donations could also be sought.

Expanding our use of online capabilities and writing for grants were also suggested. Thanks for all the positive energy and suggestions.

That is what we need from members.

Nominating committee chair Roxie Berlin presented a slate that was elected by acclamation. Thanks for the committee’s hard work. Mahalo to new treasurer Robert Crone. Nominating Committee members for 2010 are Roxie Berlin, Patricia Otake, Ursula Retherford. Directors Pearl Johnson, Elizabeth Reilly have graciously agreed to continue serving and guiding Honolulu League.

To Randy Ching, outgoing treasurer, my warmest aloha for handling the, at times, exasperating job. He counseled us on financial management and said things we needed to hear but at times tried to ignore.

Membership tops 200. Let’s see if we can increase that count and thereby increase participation in League activities.

Charles Carole, Suzanne Meisenzahl, Jackie Parnell, and Jean Aoki shared their struggles to improve community life through efforts with the State legislature and the City administration. Please, folks, keep up the good work.

2008 was an election year. The Voter Service committee was kept busy. Arlene Ellis reported on recently past and upcoming vote count projects. We hope to line up a good number this year.

Ann Shaver may be calling members to organize a good size contingent of Leaguers for the 2010 Martin Luther King Jr. Parade. In the January 2009 parade, a bright new League banner announced the lively group. Ann is working on a repeat performance. Hope as many members as possible turn out for the fun.

A new League brochure and public outreach is in the planning stages by Scott Foster. He feels, also, that Claire Shimabukuro’s example is what we all must do, one on one. We hope to become more visible in the community with the good works we already do.

After lunch Alani Apio, President of Kanu Hawaii, spoke to us. “Kanu” may be translated as “to plant or to bury”, that which is passed down from kupuna. Forty young people got together in 2003 and agreed to make Hawaii a model of environmental sustainability, to create a compassionate community, and promote economic resilience.

They have a web site: and 7000 members. First, each member makes a personal commitment to change a personal activity for the betterment of the community. For example, taking shorter showers, turning off the faucet when brushing teeth, changing light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs, etc. The usage has been measured to demonstrate savings.

Each individual can make an impact. All are committed to spend with conscience for one year, to buy local (support local farmers and retailers), to support civil unions, the barrel tax, keep legacy lands intact. Next fall they plan a “leave your car at home for a week” campaign.

For Apio, this is a lifetime’s work and he has committed 30 years to make it work. Members were very interested in the group’s philosophy and left the meeting hopeful that Hawaii’s future might be in good hands.

Our annual meeting was very productive and informative. We plan to do it again in April 2010. Hope you plan to attend.

Piilani Kaopuiki

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