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Member Urges Help with Budget

Aloha Honolulu Leaguers! I attended my very first planning meeting and annual meeting within the last few months and I was truly inspired by the level of commitment and awareness of our group.

As I looked at this year's budget, I realized that it is part of my responsibility as a member to help insure the financial health of the organization. Therefore, I have decided to donate $100 over and above any membership expenses to Honolulu LWV.

Additionally, to help to raise awareness, honor those who have been inspirational to me and to encourage new membership, I've decided to donate the money in five $20 increments. I've included cards to each honoree, letting them know how I feel about them, why I am honoring them with a donation and why I have chosen the Honolulu LWV as the organization to which I am making the donation.

I challenge each of you to kokua with a match or significant gift of your own. I was inspired to make the donations by my sister, who, on an annual salary of $17,000 per year, has learned to save and to have extra discretionary income to help with various causes.


Claire Shimabukuro

(The incremental donations honor Kikue Shimabukuro, Evelyn Shigeno Matsui, Dietra Cordea, Sandy Pohl, and Piilani Kaopuiki)

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