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Honoring Our Stalwart Members
State League Biennial Convention
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Mahalo Contributors
Affordable Housing Funds Cut (Jackie Parnell)
In Memoriam [Jerry Hess] (Carol Whitesell)
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Honoring Our Stalwart Members

Say “League of Women Voters” and the most common response is one of respect for what the League has done. In June we will honor the members who have been most responsible for earning the League’s reputation and who are beginning to or have already turned to other interests in their lives.

We will honor them with a luncheon at the Elks Club on Saturday, June 13. All are welcome.

League of Women Voters of Honolulu
Honoring Our Stalwart Members

June 13, 2009, Saturday
Elks Honolulu Lodge, Waikiki
Free parking
Cost: $25.00

10:30 arrival/registration
11:00 welcome
11:15 lunch
12:15 introduction and presentation of special members (5 minutes per)
1:15 pau

Honorees: Jean Aoki, Arlene Ellis, Evangeline Funk, Grace Furukawa, Helen Griffin, Anna Hoover, Jackie Parnell, Mary Anne Raywid, Carol Whitesell

Reservation Form for
June 13 Luncheon





Number of Reservations:
_______x $25.00 per person = $________________

Mail form & check payable to LWV-Honolulu to: League of Women Voters of Honolulu. 49 S. Hotel St., Room 314, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Or call League office at 531-7448

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