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Mail-in Election for City Council Went Smoothly

As she did for the League during the November 2008 election, Kim Langley observed the tabulation of votes in the special election for Barbara Marshall’s City Council seat. Here is her report:

I attended all three days of vote tabulation for the county council special election. Tuesday and Wednesday the ballot envelopes were opened and the ballots were scanned into the computers. There were less than a hundred unclear ballots that required duplication. Fewer than twenty ballots were deemed invalid.

On Thursday we began at 1 pm because there were only a few thousand ballots remaining (those from Wednesday's mail delivery and any that arrived on Thursday). It took less than two hours to process, then we waited until approximately 4 pm at which time the manual audit was conducted. Tabulation of the scanned ballots began at 5 pm. After the tabulation the test ballots were run through.

The physical work of opening the envelopes was accomplished by staff from the county clerk's office and the state election office. On Wednesday and Thursday the election staff from Maui, Kauai and the Big Island flew in to assist.

There were five to seven observers on each day. My impression is that the observer procedures were lax compared to the general election. However, everything I observed was done correctly, there was no manipulation or vagueness in the process. Glen was precise in following the rules.

Kim Langley

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