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Vote Count
Selling the Rail Proposal (Charles Carole)
Milestone in Preserving Agriculture in Hawaii (Pearl Johnson)
Corrections (Pearl Johnson)
Slower Oahu Population Growth (Charles Carole)
Rail and Ann Kobayashi's Election (Pearl Johnson)
League News
Welcome New Members
Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Wed, Aug 19, 3:30 pm – Citizens’ Advisory Committee of the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization meets at Honolulu Hale.

Sat, Aug 22, 9 am – LWV State Board meets at League office.

Tu, Sept 1, 8:30 am –Native Hawaiian election vote count at Harris Memorial Church hall.

Thur, Sept 3, 11am – Honolulu Board meets at League office.

Thur, Sept 24 - Teamsters election ballot mailout at Hart St.

Sat, Oct. 10, 8:30 am – Teamsters election vote count at Hart St.

Sat, Oct 17, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm – Campaign Training Session at Democratic Party Headquarters in Ward Center. See page 3.

Fri, Nov 6, 8:30 to 4 pm - Drug Policy Conference at Honolulu Community College. See page 3.

Sat, Nov. 21, 5 pm – Monson Award Celebration – location to be announced.

Sat, Dec 5, 8:30 am – Honolulu LWV planning meeting at Hale Koa hotel.


YES, I want to add my voice to yours by joining the League of Women Voters as part of your voice for citizens and force for change. I enclose:

____$40 ONE YEAR individual membership

____$60 1-year HOUSEHOLD membership (for two people who share an address.)





State_____________ ZIP__________________

Phone #: day___________________


Please make your checks payable to

LWV – Honolulu

and return with your application form to:

League of Women Voters
49 S. Hotel St.,#314
Honolulu, HI 96813

President Piilani Kaopuiki

Vice President Susan Miller

Secretary Robin Loomis

Treasurer Bob Crone

Editor Pearl Johnson

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