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Get Involved with Health Care Reform

When you look at and consider your stand related to the proposed changes in health care coverage, consider the money/cost; what does health care cost in America? Health care makes up one sixth (1/6) of our expenses (GNP). One sixth, which is a huge cost you and I pay for health care, for us and everyone else. So when you talk about what you want in health care, remember, we need stringent cost containment.  How ever do we do it? 

A Public insurance option, universal health? Is that the answer? I don't know for sure, but I do know that if we do nothing the costs are increasing and projected to double in about 9 years. (This is from Bill Moyers’ latest on health care coverage).

Everyone, sometime in their life, needs health care, especially at the end of life. That is where the costs rise; the major amount spent on us is at end of life. We all want high quality of care. However, we are spending much too much for what we get, and we don't get the quality that should be expected for what we lay out.

What can we do? To solve the problem, be willing to negotiate, be willing to engage in the conversation and be willing to give a little. Do we want a public option?  Keep only privately run health coverage?

Many of you are on Medicare, which is a government operated system. The administrative costs of that coverage are 3% compared to 30% in the private sector.

The word “sensibility” comes to mind.  What makes sense? Saving money -- not being spendthrifts. 

What is costly is the administration of what we have now; out-of-control procedures that physicians order to protect themselves from litigation. Out-of-control litigation and the rising cost of prescription medication. We don't need the frills; they should be eliminated until all have basic health care coverage.

There are many factors indicating why we need the public option. One is that everyone needs to be covered, and pre-existing conditions need to be eliminated from all insurance coverage. Without coverage, people use the emergency room for heath care and that cost is exorbitant.  

Consider, ponder and be an activist for what makes sense. 

President Wilson of the League states in her most recent press release “It is universal coverage that will determine the humanity of our system and a public option will make that possible for Americans who cannot obtain coverage through the traditional employer-sponsored plans. We believe that health care reform legislation must guarantee access to comprehensive and essential benefits to all U.S. residents."

It's time for sensible people to come together and create a sensible system that works for all.

Joy Marshall

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