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No News Is Good News for Rail

The Final EIS was scheduled to be released in summer 2009, but we are still waiting for it in November. Council Chair Apo had said that he would hold a meeting on it in October. This hasn't happened. Mufi has said that the December construction start date would be pushed back to January 2010. I think he is being optimistic.

Now, here is the bad news. The State's GET collections for the first four months of the Fiscal Year 2010 were down 12.9 percent from the same period in the previous fiscal year. The City will not get close to its forecast for the near future. Many economists are saying that at best we are heading into a no-job-growth recovery. Unemployment and underemployment are expected to go up in 2010 and 2011 throughout the county. Consumer spending, including tourists, will lower the actual City's excise surcharge collection below City's projections. Also, the growing State's general fund deficit might have an indirect effect on the City's financial situation.

Charles Carole

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