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Honolulu Rail - Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

“To be or not to be” is the question for the FEIS. The City is still working on the FEIS although it was scheduled to be released during summer of 2009. Governor Lingle and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) have to sign off on the FEIS. The Governor has said that she would conduct a thorough review of the Honolulu elevated heavy rail FEIS. She is concerned about the rail project’s financial situation and whether other alternatives were adequately evaluated in the FEIS. This document might not be approved or disapproved until sometime in the spring of 2010; the saga might even extend later if there is a court challenge to the FEIS. The date for beginning rail construction is very iffy.

The LWV will continue to follow and provide input to this project.

Charles Carole

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