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Djou Can Help Pass Campaign Reform

Congress may soon take up a bill that would go a long way toward reforming our broken campaign finance system. The recent Supreme Court decision removing limits to corporate campaign contributions makes passing this bill all the more urgent.

The Fair Elections Now Act would create a voluntary system that blends limited public funds with a 4 to 1 match on donations of $100 or less. Candidates would be freed from the eternal chase for big campaign checks, enabling them to spend their time talking with voters and addressing our country’s challenges. With Fair Elections, candidates would need to rely solely on their grassroots base of support and not Wall Street lobbyists or PACs. Neil Abercrombie was one of the 134 congressmen who co-sponsored the bill. However, newly-elected Representative Charles Djou has not taken a position on this matter. Please telephone (541-2571) him to urge him to co-sponsor this important reform bill. To email him, go to http://djou.house.gov, click on “contact me” and fill out the form that appears. Click on “governmental reform” under “Issue …” and enter “Fair Elections Now Act” in the Message Subject blank.

Here’s what I sent to Djou:

The Fair Elections Now Act (FENA) was co-sponsored by your predecessor Neil Abercrombie. Because this act would remove much of the fund-raising pressures on candidates for the House of Representatives, I urge you to co-sponsor this bill.

Much of the corruption in government results from the crucial role that campaign contributions plays in legislative decisions. By allowing Representatives to pay more attention to legislation and less to fund-raising, this bill promotes governmental reform.

Please call and/or write to our Representative right away.

Pearl Johnson

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