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How League Stepped Up

How and why did the League come to fill a gaping hole in the information voters need?

Intending to tell members how to get the information they needed for the Primary Election, I logged on to the website of the state Office of Elections on Sunday, August 15. Always before, personal statements from all candidates could be read on this website.

To my dismay, the information was not there! The media give information on only a few candidates. We learned the Star-Advertiser's voters guide would be distributed in early September, days after absentee ballots are sent out.

Other organizations endorse their chosen candidates and put out information only on those candidates. The League had to step in.

Our webmaster Steve Trussel agreed to do the considerable work necessary to post on our website all the Office of Elections used to display.

But how to get the word out to the candidates? The Sierra Club generously gave us the email addresses they had garnered in choosing which candidates to endorse. Steve sent emails to all on the list on Thursday, informing them of the opportunity to publicize their candidacy. A few responded immediately.

Scott Foster sent out a press release later that day to all Hawaii media in order to get the word out to those candidates not on the email list.

As of late Sunday, 20 candidates have their statements posted on the website. Members. If you don't see your favorite candidate's statement posted, please tell that candidate to get busy.

Pearl Johnson

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