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League Provides One-Stop Voter Information

Our website,, is now the one-stop information center for the September 18 primary election. All candidates have been invited to post their statements telling voters why they should be elected.

The state Office of Elections formerly posted this information before every election but, citing budgetary reasons, no longer does this.

Emails were sent to all candidates for whom email addresses were available. League notified all the other candidates via a press release on August 20 to all media, including blogs.

Voters should go to and click on “Election 2010 – Candidates”. A list of offices being voted on in September will appear. Click on the office you're interested in and a list of all the candidates with their pictures (where available) will appear along with their statements if the candidate has sent one in.

Please remember that you get to vote for Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustees and the Board of Education. Although there are residency requirements for candidates, all voters can vote to fill every vacancy.

There is confusion at every election about who can vote in these two races. Here is what the BOE site says about this: “The State of Hawaii Board of Education consists of one (1) non-voting high school student member appointed by the Hawaii State Student Council and thirteen (13) members elected by the registered voters of two (2) at-large school board districts.” The two districts are 1)Oahu and 2)all the neighbor islands.

The OHA website says: “While there are residency requirements for candidates seeking the district seats, all voters statewide are permitted to vote in each of the OHA races.”

Pearl Johnson

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