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Rail EIS Uses Faulty Figures (Charles Carole)
League Provides One-Stop Voter Information (Pearl Johnson)
Ka Iwi: Embattled Coastal Lands Conserved (Elizabeth Reilly)
Two Constitutional Amendments to Be on November Ballot (Jean Aoki)
Agriculture Group Meets Sept. 7 (Pearl Johnson)
Monson Award Nominations
How League Stepped Up (Pearl Johnson)
Kyo-ya Wins Variance (Pearl Johnson)
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Monson Award Nominations

The next Monson Award celebration is scheduled for February 13, 2011. Nominations for the award are being accepted until Aug. 31.

The Donald & Astrid Monson Community Action Fund award is given annually to an organization or individual who has “made the year’s outstanding contributions toward or involving public interest planning, housing, or environmental issues.” Previous recipients of the award were the Sierra Club’s Jeff Mikulina and Donna Wong of Hawaii's Thousand Friends.

If you would like to nominate someone for the award, call the League office at 531-7448.

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