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Rail EIS Uses Faulty Figures

As of August 4th, the Governor said she had not received the Rail Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) from the state Office of Environmental Quality Control, but has hired a financial consultant who is now working on the project.

The League has asked the Governor to hold public meetings before she decides on the FEIS, if she has the discretion to hold the meetings. She held meetings on HB 444 (Civil Unions) before she vetoed it.

The League is preparing written comments on the FEIS to the Federal and City governments and to the Governor before August 26th. One of the major concerns is that the City's transit people are using 2004 State population projections for 2030 which has been twice reduced by the State. The State projected in their 2009 revision that the 2030 Oahu population would be 100,000 less than what they projected in 2004. This should reduce the ridership projections for 2030 with the lost revenue made up by Oahu taxpayers.

The State’s 2009 projections have been adopted by the City's Department of Planning and Permitting in their latest Annual Report on the Status of Land Use on Oahu.

It is interesting that 2030 projected population growth was in the 65 plus age group (88%) and in the 0-19 age group (12%). In the 20-64 age group, a loss in population was actually projected, compared with the same group in 2005. We need the Governor's consultant to look at their ridership figures.

Charles Carole

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