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July 1950

August 1950

Greetings from Our President (Ruth Myers)
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Groups Study Constitutional Convention
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Know Your Officers

Greetings from Our President

Dear Member and Friend,

It is with both pride and pleasure that I greet you in this inaugural issue of our League Bulletin for Honolulu. It was just a year ago that our group here was recognized as a Provisional League by the League of Women Voters of the United States. During this time we have been a small and personal group, and we have all shared in the growing pains of organization.

As we grow in size and strength we need to maintain our close ties with each other, and this Bulletin is an effort in that direction. I think that it will help to make the League more familiar to you, to acquaint you with what the National Office is doing, and with what your fellow members in Honolulu are doing.

I hope, too, that we may all use this Bulletin to help us build membership. The Bulletin should bring to us those examples of League success, here and elsewhere, that will give us enthusiasm for our particular job and the desire to share with others our experience.

Your President,

Ruth Myers

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