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July 1950

August 1950

Greetings from Our President (Ruth Myers)
Study of City-County Government
Interesting Note on National Convention
Groups Study Constitutional Convention
Bits of Information on the League
National Study Topics
Know Your Officers

Groups Study Constitutional Convention

In March of this year seven study groups were organized under the chairmanship of Mrs. William Chappelle. Leaguers and other interested persons met in informal discussion groups to learn all they could about Hawaii's Constitutional Convention. The work of the delegates was watched with interest.

Mrs. John Ferguson, Mrs. Aubrey Haan, Mrs. Claude Jagger, Mrs. Eldon Morrell, Miss Penny Myers, Mr. Ralph Myers, and Mrs. John Sanders were the leaders of these groups that met in Kahala, Kailua, Manoa, University Housing, and Waimanalo.

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