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July 1950

August 1950

Greetings from Our President (Ruth Myers)
Study of City-County Government
Interesting Note on National Convention
Groups Study Constitutional Convention
Bits of Information on the League
National Study Topics
Know Your Officers

Know Your Officers

Mrs. Ralph S. Myers (president) 3301 East Manoa Rd., 947045

Mrs. Thomas Shootman (1st vice-pres.) 1623 Emerson St., 576584

Mrs. W.B Herter (2nd vice-pres.) 2377 East Manoa Rd., 91086

Miss Linnea Okazaki (secretary) 2735 Lowrey Ave., 976201

Mrs. Alan Stewart (treasurer) 298 Lama Place, Lanikai, Kai.65372

Mrs. Claude Jagger (membership churn.) 4812 Aukai Ave., 78895

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