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July 1950

August 1950

Greetings from Our President (Ruth Myers)
Study of City-County Government
Interesting Note on National Convention
Groups Study Constitutional Convention
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National Study Topics
Know Your Officers

National Study Topics

On the League's program, in addition to the local project, will be the study of three issues adopted by the National Convention. These issues are:

  1. Expansion of world trade and international economic development with maximum use of the United Nations agencies

  2. Continued analysis of the federal budget and support of such fiscal measures as make for a stable and domestic economy

  3. Reorganization measures to improve administrative efficiency in the development and use of natural resources

Miss Irene Dean, National Resource Chairman of our local League, says, "You, as League members, will have the opportunity to get the facts, to think them through and make decisions, and to work together for the measures which you think our government should take."

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