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Business as Usual for Leaguers

Dear Member,

This is "vacation" month in Honolulu, and it was supposed to be, for the Provisional League of Women Voters.

But as I look over our activities, it is apparent that none of you took that very seriously, because every one of our projects is going at full speed this month.

Our special job right now is the completion of our first League publication -- the handbook on city and county elected officials. The Board convened in special session this month to discuss the mechanical aspects of printing and distributing this booklet. It has gone to the printers, and the few of us who have been privileged to see the finished draft are very proud of the job all of you have turned out. I think that our pride is greater because so many of you have worked on it and have made possible its publication.

The big job now for all of us is distribution. This informative material on city-county elected officials is of value to every voter and potential voter in Honolulu, and it is our responsibility to get it into their hands. We can really enjoy selling this booklet because we can be proud of it.

Besides the booklet, currently under way, is the preparation for the finance drive this autumn. The Finance Committee under the newly appointed chairman, Mrs. H.F. Agnew, is presently working out the methods and procedures for the drive. Then, too, our local resource chairmen, Mrs. Thomas Shootman rind Mrs. William Chappell, are continuing through the month at the same tempo.

August has turned out to be "business as usual." Our League moves ahead because we have these hard-working Leaguers.


Ruth Myers

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