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Interesting Letters Received (Mrs. Malcolm E. Cummings & Mrs. John G. Lee)
Hawaii Farm and Home Article
Study of City-Council Elected Officials Goes to Press
Local Study Carefully Checked
Board of Public Parks and Recreation Next Local Study Project
Coming Events
Business as Usual for Leaguers (Ruth Myers)
Your Kokua Is Needed
State Constitution Discussed
Aloha and Best Wishes to Misses Dean and Miho

Interesting Letters Received

Two very nice letters have been received by Mrs. Ralph Myers, President of the Provisional League of Women Voters of Honolulu.

Mrs. John G. Lee, President of the League of Women Voters of the United States, writes:

"I have just been reading your new Bulletin and want to extend to you my congratulations on this step in your development as a League. I notice that you are finishing your study of city and county government and have also been following the Hawaiian Constitutional Convention. These all lead me to wonder when you think you may be ready to apply for recognition as a local League.... The news from your Bulletin indicates that you are rapidly fulfilling those requirements. ...Even though you are far away, we follow every bit of news we get of you and wish we could visit once in a while."

Mrs. Malcolm E. Cummings, 2nd Vice-President and National Finance Chairman of the League, writes:

"It was really very exciting to receive the first issue of your bulletin - to see you begin to circulate! Congratulations and best wishes.

"I think that all of you have a feeling of pleasurable satisfaction in knowing that as Hawaii moves toward the responsibilities of 'statehood,' there is League organization on the spot ready to render the kind of service that is unique with us.

"You will continue to grow and thrive, I know - and we'll be watching you with great pride."

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