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Leaguers Enjoy Selling Handbooks

Leaguers Enjoy Selling Handbooks

Here are some interesting comments made by Leaguers who have been selling the handbooks.

Mrs. Ralph Myers, president of the league, says, "Distribution of the book brought to light another few facts on government---we had to pay $1.00 for a retail license and must make a gross income tax return each quarter. Knowledge is expensive!"

Mrs. R. Birnie says, "I took the table at Hawaiian Electric for one day and was greatly cheered at selling two copies to two Scotchmen."

Publicity chairman, Mrs. Robert Craig, says, "Everywhere you go to introduce the handbook, the people you meet are interested and enthusiastic. ... Up to the present date, we have distributed nearly 3,000 copies."

Mrs. W.B. Herter says, "Have you seen Honolulu lately? We saw it from September 14 to 21 -- at Hawaiian Electric when we sold our pamphlet ... We came, we saw, we sold, and we learned. ... We sold in all 100 copies,"

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