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More Compliments

Of the many comments and letters that have been received by our president, Mrs Ralph Myers, in regard to our handbook, here are two of them.

Mr. Oren E. Long, Secretary of Hawaii, writes:

Thank you for presenting me with a copy of the booklet, "We Elect." It appeals to me from the standpoint of brevity and accuracy.

It should be of great interest and value to citizens of Oahu, and particularly to the older children in the public and private schools of this island. ... You and your co-workers are to be congratulated on this significant contribution to good government.

Here is what Mr. Riley H. Allen, editor of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, has to say:

I have just received your letter of September 15 and the excellent pamphlet, "In Honolulu Hale We Elect." This is one of the best pieces of political and civic education I have seen -- and particularly timely. ... You will see in the Star-Bulletin Saturday or Monday an editorial warmly commending the work you are doing.

Thank you, Mr. Long and Mr. Allen.

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