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Attention, Leaguers! (Ruth Myers)
Big Government and the Citizen
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Attention, Leaguers!

Our Board would like to share a Problem with all members of the League. As a local League, we are responsible for education on the three national agenda items for 1950-52. Thus far this year, we have limited activity to one of the items.

Your Board is willing and eager to set up study groups dealing with the U.N. and its activities in the current world crisis. Certainly, what is happen, leg on the international scene is going to affect every household and individual in Hawaii. What our government does, what the U.N. does in meeting the problems currently confronting the governments of the world can be influenced by every citizen of our country. In the last analysis we are responsible for the notions of our leaders in the internal affairs of our country as well as in their cooperative' efforts with other nations through the United Nations.

If you would be interested in joining with other League members in a study group on Item II of the National Agenda, won't you please phone Mrs. Ralph Myers, 947045?


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