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Annual Meeting of Local League

Leaguers, please mark Wednesday, March 28, on your calendar. Our annual meeting will be held that evening at the Y.W.C.A. Because the third Wednesday of this month happens to fall during the Week preceding Easter, the membership at its last meeting voted to hold its annual meeting a week later on March 28.

Mrs. C. J. Birnie heads the committee which is making plans for that evening. The dinner preceding the business meeting will be $1.50 per person at 5:45 P.M. at the Y.W.C.A. Those wishing to attend are requested to send in their reservations to one of the following members: Mrs. C.J. Birnie (69295), Mrs. Jules Fine (77901), Mrs. Sue Thomas (97241).

Election of officers, reports by the treasurer and the auditing committee, the budget, and proposed local agenda will be taken up at this meeting. Miss Mary Couch is helping the committee by having the ballots mimeographed.

Members will be receiving further details of this meeting by mail. Please note the date, March 28.

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