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What Were the Most Important Bills in the 1951 Territorial Legislature?
Membership Meeting
New Chairmen to Lead League Activities in '51
Short, Short Play

New Chairmen to Lead League Activities in '51

The following chairmen have been carrying on your League business since the new officers took over. All of them would be happy to have volunteers to work on their committees. If you have a choice of the kind of work you would like to do, why not call the new chairman and make an offer--before you are drafted?

MEMBERSHIP...Mrs. Betty Poole (990413)

FINANCE...Mrs. Dorothy Moritz (69470)

VOTERS SERVICE...Mrs. Eureka Forbes (97393)

BULLETIN EDITOR...Miss Carolyn Crawford (96686)

LOCAL RESOURCE...Mrs. Lillian Fortess (96359)

PUBLICITY...Mrs. Esther Perlstein (77241)

PUBLICATIONS...Mrs. Ruth Herter (91086) continues her good work in this field. If you have not had time before to join the CHARTER STUDY GROUP but are interested in it, call Miss Mildred Saunders. (965312)

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