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What Were the Most Important Bills in the 1951 Territorial Legislature?
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What Were the Most Important Bills in the 1951 Territorial Legislature?

It is up to you to help the Voters Service Committee answer this question at the Next League Meeting. The committee has been following the Legislature and has been keeping an account of the bills they think are important. They have included those bills which did not pass, as well as those which did.

The committee is prepared to present a survey of the bills they consider most important from the following classifications: finance, education, City and County of Honolulu, recreation, welfare, and health. Assistance of the membership will be appreciated in helping to cut the number down to the 15 most vital issues.

The Voters Service Committee will check the votes of the legislators with the Clerk's record and prepare a roll call vote on the 15 bills chosen by the members. The purpose of the roll call vote is to assist voters in the next election by providing information as to how each of the legislators voted on these bills.

It is hoped that this information can be used for distribution in the community as a voters service project of the League. This will be our first attempt to do this particular type of public service and it is important that the membership share in the selection of the bills.

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