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High Commissioner of Trust Territory to Speak to League
Higher Taxes - The Price We Must Pay
Local League Invited to Act as Hostesses for Y.W.'s Know Your Hawaii
Aloha Fund Kitty
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New National Resource Chairman
Parks and Recreation
Action in Territorial Legislature
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Aloha Fund Kitty

To carry on any of our own social activities money is needed and the treasurer sends the following message:

"Did you know that League Funds cannot be tapped for such 'luxuries' as refreshments, and the like? In the past, eats and drinks for the Xmas Party, the Local Publication celebration, etc., came from a separate source -- an Aloha Fund Kitty.

"This fund is at present exhausted but hopes to make its revival at the coming general meeting. Just thought you might appreciate an advance notice so that no one need be 'embarrassed' without loose change on hand."

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