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Higher Taxes - The Price We Must Pay

Recent materials from National headquarters stress the need for citizens to take an active part in letting Congress know that we should have a pay-as-we-go tax policy and that he will accept his fair share of the increased tax load. Brief quotations are included here with the hope that local members who are informed may take individual action by writing the Senate Finance Committee, Walter F. George, (D), Georgia, chairman.

"What price must be paid for our security and for that of the free world? Who should pay it? Are we willing to pay it? How should it be paid? Today there is little agreement on the answers to these questions ...Even if Government expenditures are cut substantially, more revenue than has been proposed by the House 'Flays and Means Committee is necessary if we are to pay for the defense program as we go. Although almost everyone recognizes the need to hare pay-as-you-go taxation special interests are making it extremely difficult for Congress to enact legislation that will achieve this principle... The House Ways and Means Committee heard arguments from all sides in its preparation to write the tax bill. It received recommendations that the individual and corporate income tax be raised, that the excess profits tax be strengthened, that further excise taxes be levied, and that tax loopholes be closed. Some witnesses even testified in favor of a national sales tax. Each group was inclined to urge increased taxes on other groups rather than on themselves ...the tax program will be debated during the summer months...It may not be easy for the citizen to decide which combination of proposals will best enable a fair sharing of the tax burden and the extent to which the various types of taxes should be used. It is certain, however, that the burden will be distributed more fairly through intelligent use of taxation than if inflation is allowed to occur by default"

The material on this vital subject will be available for your examination at the next meeting.

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