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Active Committee on Parks and Recreation Report to League

Recent activity regarding the use of alcoholic beverages in public parks and beaches was initiated when Bill 21, dealing with behavior in public park areas, was published in the newspapers. The bill was scheduled to come up for consideration by Board of Supervisors on July 24, 1951. Several individuals and organizations were concerned that no provisions covering liquor consumption were included in Bill 21.

The reason for this omission, according to city hall authorities, was that there is an ordinance now in effect that covers drinking in public park areas (1060 and its amendment).

Bill 21 was passed: but ordinance 1060 then became the center of controversy. The City and County Attorney's Office some time ago had been requested to amend 1060 and its amendment to allow for consumption of alcoholic beverages in park areas under permit by the Board of Public Parks and Recreation. After some delay the proposed amendment was drawn up and given to the Board of Supervisors for its consideration.

The Parks Board is not satisfied with the bill as written and wishes to remove it -- but they are in favor of relaxing present restrictions.

After much formal and informal discussion, by both the Parks Board and the Board of Supervisors, the latter decided on august 3 to refer the question back to the Parks Board. It is expected to come up before that board officially at their August 13th meeting.

The League of Women Voters drew up a statement, which our president, Mrs. Ruth Miho, read before the Board of Supervisors on July 31, explaining the League's position and giving reasons for its stand on this topic. A summary of our reasons was also made available to League members attending Parks and Board of Supervisors meetings.

League members have contacted Supervisors and/or Parks Board members and made know their opinions as individuals, on the subject. also, Leaguers have brought this matter to the attention of other organizations to which they belong. A communication urging further consideration of the public interest and desires, is being sent to the Chairman of the Parks Board before August 13.

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