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Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial

From National League headquarters has come a challenging progress report on the Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund; this is a research and educational fund created by the League of Women Voters of the United States. It has now offered its resources to the following government bureaus: Departments of State, the Army, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, the Budget Bureau and E.C.A.

Some of the activities noted in the report are: publication of "Kathryn Stone's Self-government, U.S.A. a basic primer on the structure of government and the democratic philosophy for those wishing to acquire rapidly and easily an understanding of how the U.S. ticks; arranging for young officials of other nations to observe a pre-election campaign and a tour of the polls; sending Parliamentary Law booklets for students of Cairo School of Social Work; assisting many visitors from other nations to see democracy in action.

The following excerpts indicate the type of experience these visitors receive: Mrs. Tomita, Japan: Women and Minor's Bureau of the Japanese Government. "Please send me some material to use in our April celebration of the five years of women being able to vote. Some concrete examples of what women's groups have been able to accomplish for their community." we have sent her among others the exciting Des Moines story of the League of Women Voters, which was responsible for getting a new city charter. (While here, Mrs. Borchardt of Heidelburg, Germany, accompanied a Tulsa League of Women Voters member on a house to house flier distribution with information about the Constitutional Convention, getting more than a bird's eye view of actual citizen participation..)

Contributions to the Fund are welcome. Send to Room 810-461 Fourth Avenue, New York, 16, N.Y.

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