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Memo from National

The September "Memo", priced at 15¢ is one of the most compact and inclusive publications on the U.N. which your editor has found. It is published to assist League members in carrying out the "Platform Item IV 1. 'Strengthening the United Nations and its specialized agencies through increased use, adequate budgets, improved procedures, and provision of adequate powers to keep the peace and stop aggression'."

It discusses the role of the citizen, the need for the U.N., its functions, its projects and how they are carried out, and finally it summarizes how the U.N. can be strengthened and its future, in such a concise, readable way that it should prove a most useful ready reference on the United Nations.

Individual Liberty, USA and How to Make the Future Pay Dividends are two other attractive current publications you may be interested in seeing at the next meeting.

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