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Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund Publication

Quoting from the preface to Individual Liberty, U.S.A., your editor would like to introduce another pamphlet which has been published by this research and educational fund. It is written by Kathryn H. Stone.

"One of Mrs. Catt's firmest convictions was that the basic political education of citizens must be a continuous process. She knew that strengthening constitutional democracy depends upon many efforts to increase citizen knowledge and quicken citizen interest in self-government.

"Self-government, U.S.A., an earlier pamphlet published by the CCC Fund, has dealt with the basic framework and processes of self-government in the U.S. It has attempted to show in broad strokes how federal, state and local government 0,2erate and how citizens make it self-government.

"The present pamphlet (Individual Liberty, U.S.A) treats the importance of individual liberty to self-government and to the citizen. In addition certain current problems of individual liberty are described and some of the chief questions which they pose are raised. There is an urgent need for calm and thoughtful discussion among citizens of the problems which arise when a nation accustomed to freedom finds the require-'' ments of security producing conflicts and tensions. This pamphlet does not I say how the conflicts between freedom and security are to be resolved. It attempts to give background and to provide a basis for profitable discussion of the subject."

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