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Finance Committee Reports

The Finance Committee, made a generous decision to allow any members who could to assist in the drive for funds for 1951-52. The response to the invitation was gallant and 17 of us met on November 1st to plan our campaign. Mrs. Ruth Meyers gave a most helpful review of some of the striking points of LNV policies and accomplishments.

After discussion of ways in which to interview prospective contributors, the task was divided among the group. Now we are at work, each on her own, with one or two people to see. The drive is scheduled for November 5th to 19th. You, as well as some elected outsiders will hear from us. Please share cheerfully. The League is doing well in Honolulu, but we are still young, and need this yearly assistance. As we grow the burden on each one will be lighter.

Margaret Titcomb

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