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Local Program of LWV of Honolulu

The program is the list of governmental issues on which the members of the League have agreed to take action, either by providing factual information, building public opinion, or supporting (or opposing) legislation. It is adopted by a democratic process laid down in the by-laws, a process in which each member should play a part. It is made up of subjects on which we are currently active--the CURRENT AGENDA and the subjects to which we have given sustained attention--THE PLATFORM.

At our next Annual Meeting in March, 1952, the members will decide on the subject for our next local CURRENT AGENDA. The Board is already making plans for this important decision. Members are encouraged to make suggestions to the Board members. The Board will carefully consider all suggestions which are made and then recommend to the membership the subject to be adopted. The membership may, however, adopt any subject which has been considered by the Board.

The Board's recommendation and all other suggestions which have been received will be mailed out to the members one month before the Annual Meeting.

Former local CURRENT AGENDA items become part of the local League's PLATFORM unless they are continued on the local CURRENT AGENDA. One item is already on the Local League PLATFORM:

"A Survey of the Government of the City and County of Honolulu." In Honolulu Hale, We Elect, was prepared and published under this item. In Honolulu Hale, They Appoint is still being prepared for publication.

Our present local CURRENT AGENDA items will go on the local PLATFORM unless they are continued on the CURRENT AGENDA for next year. They are:

  1. "A Study of Recreational Facilities in the City and County of Honolulu and Promoting of Measures for their Improvement." A study was made of the Board of Parks and Recreation under this item. Action was taken opposing the proposed change in the Ordinance regarding the use of liquor in parks under this item,

  2. "A Study of a Charter for the City and County of Honolulu and Support of such Provisions as will Promote Efficient and Economical Government." The Charter Study Group has done research on this item. Action was taken supporting Enabling Legislation for the setting-up of a Charter Commission for the City and County of Honolulu in the 1951 Session of the Legislature. (This legislation was defeated.)

In considering what subject to choose for next year's local CURRENT AGENDA we should keep in mind the work to be done in two other program areas, the National Program and our year-around Voters Service work.

MRS. BETTY BUSHNELL, 3210 Melemele Place . . . 993773
MRS. BROOKE MORDY, 1370 Pueo . . . 715712

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