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Charter Study Recommendation

After almost a year of concentrated study on the subject of city government the Charter Study Committee gives the membership the benefit of their work in the following recommendation.

"The Charter Study Committee unanimously recommends that the League of Women Voters of Honolulu support the Council-Manager or City-Manager form of government for Honolulu, because:

  1. It would be a modern improvement upon the older form of mayor-council government which Honolulu now has. It would not be a radical change from our present system because many of the principal features of the council-manager form, such as a small city council elected at large, have long been a part of Honolulu's government.

  2. The city would have the services of an expert administrator, able to bring to the use of the government the same practices which have made American business efficient and profitable.

  3. The manager would be nonpolitical, the responsibility for policy making would rest with the people, through their representatives on the Board of Supervisors.

  4. After a forty-year trial in mainland cities, one-fourth of all cities, over 10,000 population have adopted council-manager government."

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