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Did You Know?

There are at least a dozen names which anyone interested in the history of the League would want to remember. Here are just a few - 1st, Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, who threw away her prepared speech at the organizing meeting in February, 1920, and made an impassioned plea for the new L.W.V. "So that women may use their how freedom to make their nation safer for their children and their children's children. What should be done, can be done; what can be done, let us do!" There was Mrs. Maud Wood Park, the first President, Miss Belle Sherwin who succeeded her. Mrs. Ludington of Connecticut - a gracious lady who would be an asset to the drawing room as well as to the convention floor. Mrs. George Gelhorn of St. Louis, able finance leader who could make budgets and finance drives lively, entertaining, and thrilling topics of discussion.

The first program was organized around the following topics each with a committee for study leading to appropriate action:

  1. Women in Industry

  2. Child Welfare

  3. Food Supply and Demand

  4. Social Hygiene

  5. Legal Status of Women

  6. American Citizenship

  7. Election Laws and Methods This was set up as a five year program.

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