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"The Citizen's View of '52"
(Quotes from a National "Memo")

"The League of Women Voters has agreed to co-sponsor with NBC and Life Magazine a most important and significant project. The plan is this: in 30 picked cities throughout the United States, a public forum will be held between April 13 and 24. At these meetings examination of great public issues will be undertaken and from them will emerge the particular ones with which citizens are primarily concerned. This information will be tabulated and the two or three issues receiving the highest number of votes will be discussed by the Presidential candidates on the evening of May 1 at a candidates' meeting in Cincinnati during the League's national convention. The National Broadcasting Company will carry a network program reporting the event.

"Some weeks ago NBC approached the national office with this proposition. They were primarily interested in discovering what public issues were considered important to the women of the country and in developing public recognition of the potentially great influence women might exert in the coming election. Representatives of the League and NBC and Life have had many conferences to expire the subject. As the discussions developed it was agreed that the title should be "The Citizen's View of '52" and that all citizens must be included. The plan as it evolved is as I have described it with the additional participation by leading department stores in the selected cities. The stores will supply facilities, advertising and promotion help... Be believe Life, NBC and the stores are interested in this venture because of the public service advertising values. We believe the LWV is competent to handle a project of this magnitude with this joint sponsorship without risk to the League.

"Our greatest concern is twofold. First, that the League accept no monetary subsidy from the sponsoring concerns. Second, that we be assured that the candidates meeting in Cincinnati be attended by the leading contenders from both parties. This latter assurance we believe we have. On the first, we propose that we cooperate in the use of all facilities available to the organizations participating, but that all expenses directly incurred by the League itself be met by the League. . .

"We appreciate fully the tremendous job we are asking these city Leagues (where forums are held) to do on short notice at a very busy time. It seems to us, however, that this service is so great that we must seize it. It will provide a way for us to reach into our communities as never before. This will be the first time in the history of the country that a national candidates' meeting of this kind has ever been held. It is necessary that the League supply the leadership in the cities for the forums and we believe we will have 100% support to assure success."

Your editor has quoted at length because of the importance of this announcement. Honolulu LW will sponsor the rebroadcast here.


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