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League Organizes Work for New Year

Elected at the annual meeting held at the Evergreen on March 18 were the following officers:

President: Mrs. Ralph Myers

1st Vice-president: Miss Mildred Saunders

2nd Vice-president: Mrs. Wendell Mordy

Treasurer: Mrs. Norman Moller

Directors: Miss Margaret Titcomb and Dr. Teru Togasaki

Nominating Committee: Mrs. C. W. Birnie, Chairman, Miss Linnea Okazaki and Mrs. S. O. Peterson.

The new board has held two organizational meetings with assignments for chairmen accepted by the following: Publicity: Dr. Ethel Hoeber Voter's Service: Mrs. Brook Mordy Publications: DJ. Teru Togasaki Membership: Miss Margaret Titcomb Bulletin: Miss Carolyn Crawford Local Resource: Mrs. Lillian Fortess Natl. Resource: Miss Mildred Saunders

Any of these committee chairmen will be delighted to have members volunteer to work on their respective committees according to personal preferences. Otherwise--you might be drafted: Remember, this is an election year so there is plenty of work ahead.

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