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Election Year = Work and Fun (for LWV Members)

Plans for the League services to Honolulu's voters in this election year are shaping up rapidly. Discussion at Board and committee meetings recently has been lively about several interesting projects; within them will be a job cut to fit every Leaguer's interests and available time. Emphasis this year will be on making information on candidates readily available to voters.

The roll call report prepared by last year's Voter's Service Committee is almost ready for distribution. This is a tally of the way members of the Legislature voted on selected bills in the 1951 session. A tabulation of roll call votes of the Board of Supervisors will be undertaken right away in order to have both of these useful voter information tools ready for publication before the primaries. Questionnaires to candidates, containing three or four specific questions on vital local issues, are being considered, as another source of voter information.

Our second non-partisan Candidates Rally is in the offing and preparation for this big project should begin soon. Several other areas of activity are under discussion. Many of us can try our hand at volunteer poll-watching and learn more about the operation of our election laws. We should add our efforts to those of other groups in the community in helping to get out the vote. Another need is to pass on information about absentee voting to our large non-resident population, civilian and service. This information is supplied by the national office of the League.

After the elections, the committee plans to follow the progress of important bills in the 1953 session of the Legislature and to keep track of action by the Board of Supervisors.

With the advantage of experience gained on the first roll-call vote project, the next tally can be attacked with greater ease and assurance.

No doubt the ideas and efforts of every volunteer will be welcomed by the Voter's Service Committee. There will be all kinds of jobs: Publicity, contacts, telephoning, studying, questionnaires, typing, mailing, interviewing. Some can be done at home; some can be done "abroad"; some require legwork; some desk-work; some "head-work" (editor's note); some can be done during the day; some can be done in the evening.

These tasks are among the most informative and stimulating in the League. Call Mrs. Mordy at 715712 to indicate your interest and available time.

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