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Role of the United States in Souteast Asia to Be Considered
LWV National Organization Secretary to Spend Month in Hawaii
Remember! Dues Are Due for 1952
Report from the President on the National Convention (Ruth Myers)
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Report of Treasurer - June 4, 1952
Charter Study Group Plans for Summer Activity
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Charter Study Group Plans for Summer Activity

On every second Thursday, the Charter Study Group plans to meet during the summer. The dates are June 12 and 26, July 10 and 27, August 7 and 21. They plan to meet at different times of the day so that anyone interested will be able to get to some of the meetings. About five municipal departments will be studied in terms of what other cities do as well as what Honolulu does. In the fall this committee will organize a series of meetings to bring information to the membership through discussion and by inviting department heads to speak. If you are interested in attending some of the smaller group meetings, call Mrs. Lillian Fortess for the exact time and place. Her phone is 96359.

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